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School Bus Route Information


Results:  PASSED


Many of the updates involved are:


 1.) Re-Typing the document in Word for Ease of use now and in the future.

The current Restrictions are in Scanned Document format.


2) There are rules on the permit not supported in the restrictions.


3) Minor additions regarding clarification around pets, property appearance, weekend cabins etc.


Permit Costs

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The permit costs, if approved, will be directed to the Road Fund.

This will be a separate account and sole purpose will be Roads and Bridges (culverts).

Heavy trucks and large trailers are responsible for a large percentage of

road and culvert repairs on our interior roads.

Road Fund

Results:  PASSED

There are 10 miles of road in HP, most of which are in bad order.


The purpose of this fund, if approved, will go entirely to road re-surfacing and will


go into an account opened specifically for this. Same account as Permit fees.


The majority of our interior roads are 12 foot wide. There is 65,000 sq.ft. in one mile of 12 foot wide road.


Tar and gravel (chip and seal) is $1.00 per sq.ft. 2 asphalt is $2.00 per sq.ft. $65,000

divided by active, responsible members = $88.00 per member/account annually.


There are no funds available for major repairs in Your general fund.


Billing Starts with October Billing


As of August 1, 2017, the gate will no longer accept packages/boxes
from any mailing company coming in or going out.

 T-shirt fundraiser shirts for NFNCC
are up here in the office.
Blue Shirts - $20.00 each and up to size 5X.

"Lovin' the Lake Life"
The Tan Ones are $10.00 While Supplies Last.

They have Harbor Point going downwards
on the front side of the shirt, they are awesome!


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