Golf Cart Rules and Form


Golf Cart owner agrees to release Harbor Point POA and its Board Members
            of any liability caused by a golf cart or to a golf cart from any HPPOA facility.

There will be no alcoholic beverages on golf carts.

Commercial manufactured golf carts only. (no homebuilt)
      a.  Gas powered (4 cycle) or electric golf carts allowed.

Gas powered golf carts must be maintained to factory specifications
         and NO modifications to engine or muffler system; no fuel or oil leaks.

Maximum speed will be 20 mph.

All golf carts must be of four- wheeled style.

Only golf carts equipped with both
front and rear lights may be operated after dark.

All cart owners are required to follow all rules pertaining
to any other type motor vehicle and have a valid driver's license.

In order to operate carts on our streets, children under 16 must be
accompanied by licensed driver in front seat.

Children with Learner's Permit must have licensed driver in front seat.

A flag on a 6-foot pole must be mounted on the rear of each golf cart.

(These may be bought in the Office)

All carts require a unique sticker.
(no longer the same as for our motor vehicles).

The fee of $5.00 will be charged twice a year for each golf cart
and due at the same time as property dues.

Valid sticker is purple or red.

  You must also use the numbered stickers given
by the office when you register your golf cart on the
vehicle either on the bottom of the windshield or
a conspicuous place on the body of the cart. 

You keep that number as long as you
have that golf cart and it is in running condition.

Please notify the office if you sell/destroy/remove
the golf cart from Harbor Point so that we do not continue to bill you.

All of the above rules will be enforced
and a signed copy will be put in a permanent file.



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