Swimming Pool Information

The Harbor Point swimming pool normally opens May 15th
and closes between October 15th and November 1st each year, weather permitting. 

Harbor Point pool opens at 11:00 a.m. Tuesday - Sunday.  It closes at sunset.
It is closed on Mondays for cleaning unless that Monday is a holiday.
If it is a holiday, the pool will close for cleaning on Tuesday of that week.

You must have a $0 balance in the office
(Maintenance Dues and any penalties or late fees must be paid in full)
before you can purchase Pool Key and bands.

The Pool Key comes with 4 (four) bands.

 If you want more bands (up to 8) you can purchase them for $10 each.
We have Kids and Adult size bands for 2018.

 You must wear the band when inside the gate at the pool. 

Please follow the Pool Rules that you sign when picking up the key and bands.
You will receive a copy of the signed rules when purchasing the key and bands.​


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