Property Improvement




Property improvements must be permitted.

The Membership voted and Approved a Permit Fee in May of 2018.


The Fee is: $30 per Permit. Try to put as much as you can on one permit.


There is also a Fee for New Single Wide and Double Wide Mobile Homes.



Single Wide

Permit Fee

Double Wide

Permit Fee

$ 200.00



Permits include anything from a fence, a driveway, culvert

 to a pad for a mobile home, a new home, cabin, shed, decks, RV's and more.


Please read the permit fully.


You do not need to fill out a permit to do landscaping/planting bushes, trees.

Please avoid planting trees close to Power Lines.  

Permits must be approved before you do any work.


This can take up to a week.

Approved permits will be in the office.


You are welcome to call the office (936) 594-7853

to see if your permit has been approved or denied.


A copy of the permit will be in your file

and approved permit copies go to the gate

so they know what will be coming into Harbor Point

(i.e. cement trucks, wood, etc.)




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