Important Phone Numbers


Trinity County Sheriff Department
Sheriff Woody Wallace
(936) 642-1424

Sam Houston Electric Co-op
(SHECO) (800) 458-0381
Outages call (888) 444-1207

Monarch Utilities 
(866) 654-7992
(emergencies, same number)


(800) 347-1991
(or dial 6-1-1 from your Windstream phone)


Emergency  Call:  9 1 1


New Address:

Every Location in Harbor Point that is

occupied is required to have a 911 Address.


 This is also a requirement of Trinity County and the 356 Trinity County VFD.


You may call  936-642-3904 to obtain your 911 address.

(Office hours: Monday Thursday 7 a.m. 5 pm)



If you do not have a 911 address you may not receive

EMS or Fire Service in a timely manner.


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