Entry through the security gate requires either a current
Harbor Point windshield sticker or a temporary pass.

All property owners will be required to have a current windshield sticker.

Non property owners (Renters and some Residents)
will be required to have a sticker with an (R) affixed.

All other vehicles will be stopped and questioned
including those with expired HP stickers.

Commercial vehicles brought home by property owners do not require stickers.

Delivery vehicles and contractors are handled on an individual basis.

It is recommended that property owners advise
the security gate when contractors and deliveries are expected.

It is REQUIRED that property owners advise the gate when visitors are expected.

The security gate must always be informed when somebody other than
the owner is removing anything from the owner premises.

Gate number is:   9 3 6 - 5 9 4 - 2 0 9 9

Each property account can receive up to two windshield stickers at no charge.
All stickers must be requested by the property owner at the gate.

Stickers are not mailed or furnished by the POA Office.

Stickers are not available for friends and relatives; they will be issued a guest pass.

However, an immediate relative may be issued a sticker with (R) affixed
for their vehicle If they are residing full time with a property owner.

These cases will be approved on an individual basis by the gate supervisor only.

Renters will be required to provide proof of residency from the POA Office.

Property owners with more than 2 vehicles, as indicated on their proof of insurance
may receive one additional sticker; no charge, Limit  3.

There will be a $5.00 replacement charge for Lost  Stickers.

No charge for stickers on new vehicles and windshield replacements.

All guests entering Harbor Point will be signed in on the Guest Register by the guard on duty.

Guests staying overnight will be issued a guest pass
to be displayed on their dashboard for the duration of their stay.

  Guests not staying overnight may be issued a pass at the discretion of the guard.

Guest passes will be issued for no more than 30 days, but can be renewed if necessary.

All passes must be returned to the guard shack upon final departure.

Any questions should be directed to the gate.


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